Xspf 2.1

It seems I posted too quickly. I found a two very small, very hard-to-find bugs on the XSPF player, but there nonetheless. I fixed those, and also added a few extras while I was at it. Mainly scroll wheel use. Which doesn’t work all the time. Weird. But not important. Also changed the Volume and Timebars to use the regular cursor. Makes it look more professional. If anyone knows about the mouse wheel, I’d be interested. Here.

2 thoughts on “Xspf 2.1

  1. It is looking great Lacy very nice!

    I have made some new updates to the player too on this past days that might be of interest, it is not public released yet but I am already using it on the new website I am working on: cchits.org(currently beta)

    The improvements are basic an API to send info from flash to a server script, and other small bug fixes I am using it for stats like playcount, playtime, and to retrieve some id3 info.

    This updates should land on the official trunk next week, but if you want a copy earlier I can send to you by email.


  2. I don’t know if server-side is easier or faster, but Flash has built in lookups for things such as playcount, playtime, and every id3 tag available.

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