Xspf 2

I’ve been messing around with Amazon API with different types of dynamic searching. So far the coolest thing I have found is Mario Klingemann’s AmazonExplorer at Quasimondo.com. I used the API to conquer my lack-of-time problem with finding artist pictures for every band in my XSPF player. I put the picture viewer back into the player, and loaded just one URL into each track for a cool graphic, that had nothing to do with the band. Now the player automatically queries Amazon and inserts the most likely image for that band in the player. See it Here.

2 thoughts on “Xspf 2

  1. hey wats up… i nkow you get this alot… but i was wondering if you could help me out a lil bit… i have the flash mp3 player and i have been trying to find the random start code for it… so i was wondering if you could send it to me…

  2. are you using arrays to load your songs? if so then just create a var
    shuffle and add the code:

    if (shuffle) {
    SONGNUMBER = random(PLAYLISTARRAY.length);

    before your song starts playing.

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