Xspf Slim 3.0

The new version of the slim player is up and about, with the same external variables ability as it’s big brother. The new big thing here though is another innovation from my blossoming flash years and my jukebox, id3 tag support. id3 tags were not usable in the extended version because of the displaying of all artists and titles in the playlist. However, with id3 tags, no artist or title is needed. Information is stored is 98% of alll mp3′s, including artist and song titles. The tags show automatically when there is no titles present, or use the variable “&useId3=1″ to have them always show. As well as that, there have been the usual visual updates, and more updates to the loading script to timeout after five seconds.This is also the release of the Extended 4.1 version with a few bug fixes.Get ‘em.

4 thoughts on “Xspf Slim 3.0

  1. Hi Lacy

    Is there a version of the slim player that isn’t linked to mochibot or anywhere else for that matter.

    I have the player working on a site to play MP3 audio files of the King James Bible so people can read along if they want to. I don’t need to protect the files at all, they are freely available for download all over the internet. I would just prefer that it not seek a link to any other websites from the player.

    Is this possible?

  2. The mochibot code was removed from the xspf jukebox quite a long time ago, the xspf WMP is outdated and is no longer supported, but you can use the xspf jukebox for the exact same effect.

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