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As well as working on my website (which seems never to be done), I have a list of additions for the XSPF player coming very soon:
I am finishing testing of a Video player, yes thats right, it is no longer just a music player. The new version will also be able to goto any type of link, which is just logical since it is a well organized way to do it. “Special” File types will be FLVs, MP3s, XML, XSPF, and almost all flavors of website. These calls will be processed in their own way, playing FLV and MP3, loading new playlists with XML and XSPF, and loading websites. In addition, a variable passed to the player will force the player to load any file not listed above, such as downloads, clients, mailto links.

An Auto-Update feature will be included, reminding the webhost of new versions. To show the Auto-Update, pass the variable “setup=1″ to the player.

Slim-Player versions are in the works, including time skipping and color.

More customization is on the way, with options to disable any buttons.

A mouseover color, to better see what song you are choosing.

Taking advice from my own book with my old Jukebox, variables will soon be able to be saved in an external file, and called at runtime.

Also, I am considering creating a “Theatre” Version of the player, such as seen on My Stupid Mouth (link not found, may be removed).
Also looking for a place to add duration and total time displays

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