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Anyone having problems getting everything to work just right with the Xspf Jukebox may want to click the link below. I have thrown together a super-simple page that incorporates all of the included files with the Jukebox download. The source files are also available for download so that you can see exactly how to use them. XSPF Jukebox

9 thoughts on “Xspf Jukebox Test Page

  1. Hi Lacy,
    I’ve a question for you about Xspf Jukebox – is it possible to stop it playing using JavaScript? What I’m trying to do is add a button that launches a new Jukebox in a popup window. However the problem is the original Jukebox on the page keeps playing so I need to be able to stop it somehow. In case that’s not clear, here’s a test page with what I’m trying to do:


    The button to the right hand side of the player launches the popup. I’ve tried calling StopPlay() on the Flash object but that’s not working for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  2. Hello Lacy !

    I’ve been browsing through your site for a moment now and am amazed by the work you’ve done. I really like your “MiniTunes” & “iTunes” skins but was also wondering why that last one had to be so huge when most of us have a 400-something pixel wide column to fit it in… Would it be in anyway possible to reduce its size but keep a 150×150 square (or 96×96 or whatever…) for album art ?
    Anyhow, thank you very much for “MiniTunes” which I had no problem installing on my network.

  3. Using the original skin, the xspf original version is liquid width, will look great at any width embed tags, from 180px to 500px, works perfectly. Your version is not liquid, and the skin xml file width= does not accept “auto”. Is there any way to get this liquid width? All widths need auto. With css, you normally set the left at particular px, and let the right stay automatic.

  4. I need some way to add a >>Launch button to make the jukebox popup in a non-html box. HELP?

  5. Lacy, thanks for the great flash player! I discovered that the background images do not load when using opera on the nintendo wii. The buttons, etc, are fine, but default.png, but.png and bar.png do not load.

    I am terribly excited about having an iTunes skinned media player running on the wii, so if there is a fix, I would love to hear about it.

    Additionally, I second the need for scaling. if the iTunes skin were about 30% bigger, it would fill my tv.

  6. The player has been updated to support scaling and uses jpg copies of images if the client is using flash 7 or below (such as the player used on the wii)

  7. Hi,

    I have download xspf jukebox, and I must say it works fine. I have rewritten most of the playlist.php file, to get it to read multiple music directories automatically. And also take the picture out the directory. If you are interested let me know, I will send you the file by e-mail. There is only one wish. I would like to use another skin, but I can’t get it working, and the skindoc file does not work. I could do with some help on this issue. Greetings from Holland, Cornelis

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