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At this time the newly created XSPF Playlister has been released to assist in dynamically creating Xspf playlists to be used with the Jukebox. Just upload the playlist.php file to your server, fill in some settings, and link your .swf file to it to dynamically create playlist files. Id3 tags are supported for by uploading an included folder, or you can save loading time and bandwidth by organizing your tracks into sub-folders according to the artist, then label your .mp3 file with the track name. Images are also supported, rename an individual image the exact same as the correspinding track name, and place it inside the same folder.

On top of that is release 5.1 of the Xspf Jukebox, which no longer uses the mochibot code, and contains three new variables; ‘trackNumber’ specifies whether or not the playlist should be numbered, ‘activeDownload’ enables/disables downloading of mp3 files, and ‘useId3′, while being available previously for the slim player, is now available for any skin, although the new Playlister now grabs id3 tags (used only on a skin without a playlist, and with a regular playlist.xspf file).

Lastly, I have put together an automatic php embed script for the player, just edit the settings inside and call it from a php page using “require_once(“embed.php”);”. This takes much of the hassle out of embedding the player, although it only helps when loading the jukebox from a php page. For .html users, I am working on a similar helper script.

XSPF Jukebox

6 thoughts on “Xspf Jukebox Playlister

  1. Confusing behaviour with the new activeDownload and trackNumber variables in variables.txt. When I include them set to ’1′ no problem, when I include them set to ’0′ stays on, when I remove variables from file turns off

  2. Is there a variable to set the url for the purchaseButton object? I have tried guessing the name to no avail; also tried adding a url to the object in skin.xml. Cant get the character to display in the miniTunes skin either… even tho its there in the .xml file.

  3. Setting the variable to ‘false’ turns it off, or just leaving it out entirely. As for the purchase button, it is only visible when there is a viable link available (so that a user will not be opening blank pages by accident). Set a url using the ‘ ‘ tag inside your playlist file.

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