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Finally, a full writeup on using the Xspf Jukebox has been completed, and should help solve many problems that people have been having. Next to come is a “skin.xml” writeup, on how to create skins, and applications to automate embedding. On another note, a new version of the Jukebox has been released, with minor bug fixes and a couple of changes: the player will no longer connect to Amazon to retrieve images unless the “findImage” variable is set to true. Id3 tags will be used if no creator, title, or annotation is present. The “skin_url” is no longer the xml file, but the folder containing your skin. Single tracks now use the two parameters “track_url” and “track_title” in the place of “song_url” and “song_title”. The download should be available in the next few days with the skins, or if you can’t wait, it is already in the source download. 

XSPF Jukebox

9 thoughts on “Xspf Jukebox Documentation

  1. The “skin_url??? is no longer the xml file, but the folder containing your skin.

    Does this mean that “abs_url” is now redundant?

  2. Also, are the variables mentioned in earlier releases named “selectedColour” and “activeDownload” in the new version—they weren’t mentioned in the new documentation

  3. Hi, will it be possible to somehow feed the playlist parameters inline in the arguments (instead of having to create another xml file) ? I would really love that feature, that would enable me to write a small javascript which can create the plalist automatically and play with xspf player…

  4. right now the player only supports single tracks passed through statements. For any more there must be some sort of external file. This does not mean however, that you must create individual playlist files for each playlist. Any server-side script that can generate the proper formatting can be used, and the Jukebox Playlister PHP script is included with the download. Another easy way to load tracks is to have a MySQL database and a single script which adds specified tracks automatically from the database.

  5. Lacy you rock! Your playlist creator and Ipod skins are way cool! Keep up the good work! I wish I knew how to create the things you do. I’m still learning. I would love to have a player that looked like a real 50′s jukebox! There’s an idea for you! Thanks for sharing your wonderful creations!

  6. How to use these skins for your jukebox xspf player? They are tar.gz files, and when I open them up, they contain a file without an extension at all?? I don’t get it? Do I point to the tar.gz file or the file without the extension?? Confused? I don’t see any documentation on how to install a skin to be used with the player. Can I please get some help?

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