Xspf Jukebox 5.9

The Jukebox is now able to be loaded as a child to any other flash movie, no problem. It can be included in Flash sites or applications without having to be loaded from the Html page. This update also fixes bugs with reading stats, and adds additional accessible information through the “statsurl” interface.
XSPF Jukebox

66 thoughts on “Xspf Jukebox 5.9

  1. thanks a lot mate! with every new version it seems it will be great! it would be very nice to see some simple effects in later versions

  2. Hey, I just stumbled across your player and think it’s great (currently using the original from Fabricio Zuardi). However, I can’t seem to get it to NOT fade in when a song starts. I tried messing with the crossFade parameter, but it doesn’t seem to fix it – and in fact using the false value seems to turn off the sound altogether. Is the fade-in by design? Are you aware of any problems?

  3. Morrow,
    I LOST 3 HOURS TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY THE SKINS WOULD NOT CHANGE. skin_url looks for the folder and not the /folder/file.xml and this caused me much distress. Please make notation somewhere on the documentation or skin documentation, that others dont have the same hastles.

  4. Lacy,
    What threw me is that I had seen a skin.xml file renamed elsewhere. I now understand that this would have never worked.

  5. Lacy,

    Yours is the best player available, and feedback/customer support here is tops; a very pleasant experience.

    You asked for suggestions.

    1. Please program the current arrowdown image as a download button.
    2. Please program some sort of small logo image for your version of the player, instead of that “@”, and make this “credit” image visible and mandatory on all skins.
    3. The track info button, please program some sort of image for that.

    No rush, just asking….


  6. Lacy,
    Also, the text disappears for download and info when player is stopped, but rectangles remain: Changing to images would fix this, will look much better.

  7. Lacy,

    Your original skin, if I click any song or track, the top song plays and not the one I click, unless I double or triple click. Is there any way around this?

    Is it “startbutton” which is doing this? Is this tied to the resume song feature thing that is going on?


  8. is it possible to pause a video once it loads? and also rewind?

    Something like:

    myVideo.autoRewind = true;

  9. Can it load a video and then pause at the beginning? Showing only the first frame. The same w/ rewind. Can it rewind and pause at the beginning after a video ends?

  10. Lacy,
    Sweetz just made me realize that the playlist track image or thumbnail for any flv file never shows up, never has a chance. He/she may need to set an image in the embed tag, for the entire playlist as a workaround, but mine does not always load in IE; does in FF.

  11. Lacy,

    Are you aware that variables.txt will not work if the ampersands are encoded to &? I recommend either adding this functionality or a notation to your instructions file.

    Are you aware that variable.txt will not load in IE 6? It loads in FF and Opera, but not in IE6, no matter what I do.



  12. hi Lacy,

    A little idea for the next revision: add a parameter to control the target attribute of the info button link. Currently, the info button always opens in a new (i.e. “_blank”) window. It would be great to instead be able to target the current (“_self”) window.


  13. Hi Lacy,

    Discovered your excellent player a couple of days ago!
    I’m actually using it on my Wii to play the music on my PC (combined with Wiideo Center).
    Yesterday I tried to implement the WiiCade Flash API to control your player with the Wii Remote. I got the nextTrack, prevTrack functions working. But I ran into problems with the playTrack function.
    I assume the function is used to pauze and resume the current number. But when trying this with the spacebar (with your online test) the song doesn’t pauze.
    When ‘resuming’ the song the time indicator starts blinking NaN.

    I also tried to control the volume (with remote +/- buttons) but I couldn’t get that to work with my feeble coding attempts.
    Looking at the code that must be possible somehow (volumeChange)?

    Anyway, thanks for your excellent work on this player. You’ve made me a very happy Wii owner! :)

    Greetz from the Netherlands,

  14. Lacy,
    hoverMessage= variable fouls/kills the following functions:

    1. Volumedisplay
    2. Scrollbutton
    3. Loadbar
    4. timebar
    5. trackdisplay

  15. Lacy-

    First, thanks for your great work on the player. I have more of a coding question than a design question here. Do you know if it’s possible to target a frame using the “info” button in the xspf player. Not being a code wiz… I’d like to have the player in the top frame ( ) of the frameset “prodframes.html” and have the info for each playlist track open a new html doc in the bottom frame ( ).

    Currently, the info tag in the xspf playlist contains an absolute url and opens a new browser window.

    Thanks for your advice.

  16. hello lacy, been sometime; sorry for a late reply; from my first comment i told about seeing some effects would be nice..what on my mind is;
    simple fade in/out effects and similar effects that i can use(plug) with vector buttons. it would also be very nice to see a resizable players, the skin file looks like a css, i mean maybe there can be something like using percents for widths heights etc,

    i am really far away from flash applications,so i dont know the restrictions of the program, another wish of me is:
    i am grabbing a huge kind of playlist file, in this playlist some mp3 links are death,i remove these death links via php, but its on server side, if this player can do this for me it will be on client side, and by this way, server will never overloaded..what i am trying to tell is, can this player process and remove death links from playlists? (at least it will be great,if player not stucked and pass the other song,when it finds a death link). thanx a lot lacy
    all the best

  17. Gecko,
    The link is in the swf, which makes it popup to whole page. Another option is to overlay an html link over the player using css. I think that this would work best for me, added/wrapped to the embed/object tag. My site is sirmikey.com if you need to contact me.

  18. MEAGAIN-

    Thanks for the comeback and the clue. I was able to dig into the Flash doc and find the “info” button target and change accordingly. It’s working.


  19. Hi.I stumbled upon your player and I totally liked it! But I do not know how I could use it. Can I use it in my Multiply site? I also do not know how it works. Am I that dumb to not know how to use this? :(

  20. no you are not dumb, but it does help to have a little experience with HTML. I have never used the multiply site, but as far as I can tell it doesn’t look like you can use the player on it.

  21. Hi, thanks for this apparently very nifty application. I’m quite new to actionscript, but just wonderung if you cold tell me, why I can’t target my own .xspf file, when I try to modify the source file. I’m still getting an error message that Flash couldn’t open the URL to my specified file.
    I’m having the .xspf file in the same folder, but get the following path information with the error…


    Can’t even get a grasp where the strange number which is always random comes from, because I can’t localize a math.operator.

    Would be really nice if you could help me, have been trying hard for ours.

    Cheers, Florian

  22. Are you testing locally? the random string of numbers is to prevent caching of the playlist, so that it loads properly over the ‘net. It should work when loaded from a normal browser, but to test in flash, you would need to edit the actionscript a bit

  23. Oh, thanks for the quick reply. I read a little about that stuff in the meantime and know what it’s good for now, I think. Would just be nice to see it working locally, but I’ll just upload it or try to change the actionscript. Any hints for changing it temporarily so that I can target the local .xspf file on my machine? :)

  24. Hey Lacy,

    Tha player is great. I originally had this working great but ran into probs when you came out with the skinable version and I have since been able to get it working…. I’ve spent houres on it. I’ve used your blank page, etc. and many other methods. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  25. Hey Lacy,

    Again, Thanks for all your hard work on this player. I have a quick question though, does the “volume_level” parameter actually work? I can’t seem to implement it properly, and i’ve looked around for working examples online, but all the players seem to start at 100%, regardless of the parameter value.


  26. You got any more updates coming anytime soon, Lacy?
    Any PHP functionality? I’d love to incorporate this as a part of my CMS which is design in PHP and MySQL.

  27. Lacy, very cool player. Flash never has been something I could get the hang of so it’s cool that there are folks like yourself that are willing to make something like this available to “the rest of us”.

    The one item on my wishlist is for AAC support. Might that be a planned addition by any chance?

    No matter what, very cool. ;)

  28. Why does the player stop without playing entire list? It plays two tracks and stops. It it the auto-resume feature, or maybe slight changes in formats which hangs it up? Also, I added a flv to a playlist and it stops with the flv, wont keep going unless I click the next. Any clues? Please?

  29. Uploading the mp3 files through my CMS, and have it add the file to the playlist. I hope that makes a little sense.

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