Xspf Jukebox 5.8

The first Xspf Jukebox update in a couple of months, to celebrate my 17th. This update fixes all of the bugs that have been brought to my attention, as well as adding some new features. Some changes include autoresume carrying the paused state, as well as the shuffled playlist order, through a refresh. Repeating track and playlist problems have been resolved, as well as internet radio issues. New additions include a scrolling playlist to show the current track, a play state display for skins (shows play/pause/stop icon), and a customizable format for track labels using the “format” variable. Just type exactly how you would like each track label to appear, using “-creator”, “-title”, “-location”, and “-annotation” to insert their respective values. For example, “Playing: -title by -creator” could output “Playing: The General by Dispatch”.

XSPF Jukebox

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  1. Hi Lacy,

    Have you looked into the Command key conflict? I see that 5.8 still changes shuffle and repeat when hitting Command on OSX. I was curious about whether this could be disabled now or whether it is still an open issue.

    And happy birthday.

  2. Oh, you’re right about the Command/Ctrl, it’s disabled. I must have been using a cached 5.7 version when I did my tests yesterday. Great, thanks.

    However, it seems that on both Linux and Mac, with the latest version of Flash, I cannot get the change of track working. The demo you have on your site stops at the end of a track, for example. I tried to specify no_continue=false, but it didn’t change anything. Any idea?

  3. Hi, I love your player, but I’m having trouble getting it to use my podcast xml feed. Can your player be used in this way?

  4. Thankyou for your excellent work with this player. There are two things I am interested in knowing about the player.

    1. Is it possible to find out when a track ends and/or starts playing or, alternatively, can you specify an action/URL for the player to perform when this happens. Basically I would like to be able to customize the page for each song without reloading.

    2. Is it possible to start, stop or pause the player from, say, Javascript?

    Thankyou again for making this player available.

  5. In short, yes both of these functions can be easily utilized… to someone proficient in flash and javascript. The second would be much easier, all you would need on the flash end is function names, which I can provide. For the URL call, you would need to have flash and edit the code to add the call. There is a pre-existing listener for song change, so it wouldn’t be too hard for someone who knew what they were doing. If you are interested, look at http://weblogs.macromedia.com/flashjavascript/ for more info.

  6. Thankyou for this. At present I am more interested in the second capability. I’ve downloaded the FlashJavaScriptGateway files and I think I know what to do. If you could send me the function names I would appreciate that. As I said I would like to be able to start, stop and pause the player. I would also like to be able to query the player’s current status (playing, paused, stopped).


  7. The four basic functions are stopTrack(), playTrack(), nextTrack(), and prevTrack() (playTrack toggles between play and paused). As for the current function, I don’t have a set function, but with the latest version, as long as you have a “playDisplay” in your skin (even offscreen), you could use the variable “playDisp.playDisp._currentframe”. Stopped would be “1″, paused would be “2″ and playing would be “3″.

  8. This player is great, but it keeps automatically starting when I mouseover it. I don’t even have to click, it just starts. Is there a way to turn this off? I’d like it not to start playing until the player is clicked by the user.

  9. I discovered that if you leave the /body and /html tags out, then it won’t autostart on mouseover. I’m not sure why. My newest problem is with skin editing. It looks like there is an object in there called “download button” and it seems like it’s supposed to go in the empty box between the repeat button and “info” but i can’t seem to make it show up. Is there some flag i’m missing?

  10. quick note to add: my inexplicable fix for the autostart mouseover problem does not actually work. You can see what i mean if you go to my page (http://johntyree.blogspot.com) and just run the mouse over the player. I added autoplay=false to variables.txt with no improvement. In fact, i’ve done some trial and error and it seems like it makes no difference what autoplay and autoload are set to. At any time the player may or may not load or start playing. I hate to throw all my problems into space like this, but anyideas?


  11. sorry, there are a million ways to embed a flash movie, it is not a problem with my player, but with IE. you should search “embed flash in IE” to get more info, and a different embed script. my embed.php (included) is a very good script that will work in almost all cases, I recommend you try it.

  12. @johntyree,
    yours is a very unique problem, I have never had anyone else have the same thing happen. Try removing the autoplay variable altogether, it defaults to false. as for the download button, it is only visible if the variable “activeDownload” is set to true.

  13. Ive got the player working almost how i want it with a new skin etc.
    However, when the track ends it doesnt continue on to the next track. Any ideas why? I dont have the no_continue variable set at all so that should not make a difference.

  14. Great update! Still a bit of a problem with internet radio though, it doesnt seem to be dumping previous data so it just causes a large memory leak.

    Would it be possible to set an option in a variable string that would dump the cache of previously downloaded audio? (Or keep the cache fixed at a certain amount?)

  15. Wow… nice. Great progress since the last time I’ve visited.
    BTW, how’s the unicode support in this? as in for displaying foreign language characters.

  16. Awesome work. I’m having problems seeing the embedded player in IE7, which is yet another reason to grumble about that whole line of browsers.

    The resizing algorithm for the album art leaves choppier results than the original xspf player, too, which I found strange. Is there an option that I forgot to enable?

    Sorry for the support-request-type comments; it goes without saying (but I’ll say it!) that this is the coolest embeddable Flash mp3 player going. Thanks for your hard work!

  17. @Andy, I’m working on fixing that bug for the next version

    @webo, I’ll look into memory exchange, I’ve never bothered to mess with it before

    @neohito, It should display any characters as long as the end system has the same font.

    @Greg, those are both problems with IE and Flash, neither are player problems, just make sure you are resizing using the “scale” value to keep the same aspect ratio, and make your images stay looking nice.

  18. When I upload the different skins to my web server and alter the flash object code to use the new directory it still keeps showing the black ipod skin, what am I doing wrong?

  19. Great skins now what would be really nice addition on say the black and white ipod would be to have a menu button on the scroll wheel which when clicked shows all the available tracks with a small slider in the window to the right and from which you could click on any track to play. Also with various options such as keeps playing the current track and if no mouse movement within the window for say 10 seconds the window reverts back to either the image or video.

  20. Chris– I’m not a Flash guy, or even a web development guy, so I don’t understand the technology myself. But there’s something about the way Flash objects “cache” that keeps changes from cycling through even with a browser refresh. If anybody knows a way to force the object to “update” without renaming all the files (to “fool” the browser), I’d love to hear it, too.

  21. Oh, and Lacy– When I load your very own page in my very same browser, I’m seeing the player. So there’s something going on in the end-user (my) end of things, but I just can’t pinpoint it. If anyone has any tips, I’d appreciate it. :)

  22. Sorry for the 3 bak-to-back comments. I think I solved the problem. By looking at Lacy’s site’s source, I saw some… parameters?… there were not included in the embed-generator code. The embed generator starts the object identification with width/height/etc. But Lacy’s site shows this code as well:

  23. @Chris and Greg – I was having this problem too. If you hold the shift key when you push refresh it doesn’t reload from cache… or so it seemed to me. Try it out and see if it works for you too.

    Is anyone having issues loading more than one player at a time in a web page? It seems like if the player isn’t showing when the page loads, then the player won’t load properly. You can see what I’m talking about on my blog. The top player usually loads more or less correctly, but if you scroll down, the other posts tend to have blank areas where the player should be. If you refresh while looking at those areas, the player pops up and the others disappear. I wish I knew more about object handling and flash.

  24. @Greg, I used SwfObject in my embed script, that would be the best way to go.

    @Johntree, when i loaded your site, all of the players began playing at the same time, and they were all visible.

  25. Looks like the post I made got truncated– it must’ve been confused by my copy and paste of the code. In any event, it was the inclusion of the “classid” and “codebase” that worked. The rest of the code was taken directly from the embed script. If you look on Lacy’s player’s page, you’ll see that the first parts of the “object” are a classid with some long hex number, and the codebase, which is the swflash cab.

    I don’t know why, but adding those things to my webpage caused it to work properly in IE.

    Johnny– I’ll give that a try, thanks!

  26. hmm maybe my computer is a loser :). Well that’s good I guess. I’m still working on getting them not to start playing without asking. I’ll try that IE embed deal as well.

  27. First thing I want to say is I love the player. Thanks for all the hard work. I am having one issue. I have been using the original skin. It had it autoloading and autostarting. Yesterday it stopped autostarting for some reason. I made sure I had the latest version and the autoplay=True option. I tried the black iPod skin. It will autostart. Can switching between skins or players mess up the autostart option?

  28. Hey Lacy, you have saved me from days of trowling the internet for tiny snippets of information that may help me piece together how to put an xspf player on my website. As it is, you have all the information that I could ever possibly need to help me right here, and for that I just want to say THANK YOU! :D

  29. Hi! I have been trying to put your skins on my blog but it doesn’t work. I tried copying the html coding from the source and adding the attributes in the tag but they both don’t work. I would appreciate it if i can get some help with putting your “original skin” on my blog please.

  30. Hello Everyone, I wonder if anyone has this feedback on their players…We’ve been hearing that, sometmes, in FF on the Mac, the files play by themselves (they are not set to do so) after a minute or two of letting the page remain in their browser.
    Anyone hear anything like this? If so, was there a fix?

  31. Hello again. Wanted to mentioned this again as now I have seen the following problem myself….Using Firefox (this issue has been reported with v2.0.0.4 as well) on the Mac, when I leave the browser on the podcasts page and open up the CNN site in another tab, all the podcasts start to play by themselves (obviously, they are not set to do this). This may happen with some other non-CNN sites, but there seems to be something on the CNN home page that sets off the the podcast player….Has anyone experienced this? How did you solve it?

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