Xspf Jukebox 5.6

A small Jukebox update to accompany my move to a new server, with a couple of bug fixes, and a couple of new features as well. The shuffle function now uses a randomized array, instead of a totally random number, which means that, while your music will come randomly, the order stays the same as you scroll through, much like in iTunes.

The fancier part of the update is the inclusion of almost full keyboard control over the player. The Left and Right arrow keys change tracks forward and backward, and when used in combination with the Shift key seeks through a track. The Up and Down arrow keys control the volume, the Spacebar Plays/Pauses, and the Control key (Command on a Mac) switches through combinations of Repeat and Shuffle. (the flash movie needs focus to enable keyboard control, this can be done through external scripts, or by the user clicking on the movie).

XSPF Jukebox

22 thoughts on “Xspf Jukebox 5.6

  1. i was waiting for this!


    with shuffle on, it always starts with the first track on the playlist, and then goes random after that?

    this didn’t happen with the last xspf jukebox version i was using! but yeah, the shuffle sucked on that.

    is there anything i can change to get around this?

  2. i tried just making a short blank mp3 and putting it at the top of my playlist, but it just stops at the end, doesn’t go to next track. so that didn’t work.
    this is annoying :(

  3. Hi Lacy,

    It looks like you have put alot of work into this player – very nice. I have come across a couple of issues:

    1) If you are providing a playlist to the player and crossfade is not enabled, playback will stop after the first track. If crossfade is enabled, playback will continue as expected after the first track.

    2) Playback for low bitrate mp3s is accelerated. For enample if you play an mp3 with a bitrate of 32k, the audio plays at about 4 times the expected rate.


  4. Flash improperly down samples certain bitrates. Try to keep bitrates at 44kbs, 22, or 11. This is a limitation not of the player, but of Flash itself. You can read more here.
    As for the crossfade problem, I have not been able to see this bug in action, can you describe more clearly what you were doing and what happens?

  5. Hey, I’ve copied your code exactly, and it works fine if i leave just the skin_url set to the skin location on your server (while all the other urls – variables, playlist, swf, etc are pointing to those respective files on my server).


    if I change the above skin url to the exact same skin on my server, the player doesn’t load. Any ideas why this might be?

  6. Has anyone been able to get this version of the player working, or is it just me that’s having this problem?

  7. Great work on the player, just a couple quick question sthough;
    When using the player with several songs in the playlist, why are the songs not visible until you click in the flash applet? (is that an issue with Flash or with the player?) Also, when you do click in the applet why does it automatically start the song regardless of where you click?

  8. If possible, can you post what the fix was for Gabe’s question above? It might help me as well; I’m having a similar issue. Thanks.

  9. Hello, thanks for the amazing player, I wondered if you might be able to help me with an issue.

    I can’t get images to show. I’ve tried using your skins, my skin, having a background tag, an image tag, using absolute/relative urls, different filenames, png’s/jpegs, I’ve compared the swf binary on your site with my site, I’ve put images at every folder level. It seems like flash just won’t show the static images, but it has no problem with the playlist images!

    Any help would be appreciated, after 5 hours I’ve run out of things to try.


  10. Whats annoying is this mochibot, slow down my webpage much.. Slow domain…I think ill try another player. Thanks
    Looks very nice tho.

  11. Hi Lacy. Thanks for this excellent program.

    A couple of comments:

    - Using the Command key on the Mac to switch Repeat and Shuffle is not very convenient: Command-Tab is used to switch between apps, and Command-` is used to switch between windows. That means that every time you do one of those things to or from a window with XSPF Jukebox in it, you’re changing those settings, which is a little frustrating. :-)

    - Playlists seem to always loop; is it possible to have the player stop once it reaches the end of the playlist?

    Thanks again.

  12. Hmm, I never thought of the key combo problems, expect a change in the next version. As for the playlist, i’ll need to do some testing but that should be fixed as well.

  13. Great, thanks. For the key to change shuffle / repeat, maybe normal keys like s and r may suffice, as it’s not something that you’ll want to do often anyway.

  14. Thanks for the great player. I’m having one problem maybe someone can help.

    The player works fine in Firefox in Linux and Windows, but only shows an empty box with IE on Windows?!!?

  15. Lacy, thanks for the quick response.

    I have the black Ipod skin and associate files, but no embed.php file. Can you point me to what to download to get this file? Thanks

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