Xspf Jukebox 5.3

The Xspf Jukebox has been updated with a few new functions, including an autoresume feature based on Thomas Boutell‘s additions on my old player. The function works worse than would be appreciated, but works nonetheless. You can activate it by using the variable ‘autoresume’. A second addition is the ability to choose a highlight color for the currently playing song. Use the tag ‘selectedColor’ inside the skin.
XSPF Jukebox

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  1. Is that related to Thomas Boutell’s autoresume, Lacy? If so, it’s pretty cool to see the way that innovations spread out and back, since I think that his player is based on yours.

  2. Hey Lacy, just wanted to say a huge thanks for this player. It’s going to be on my site very soon. My biggest concern is that it seems to access…

    - webservices.amazon.com
    - blog.geekid.net

    every time my page loads with the player.

    Is there any way to turn this off completely ? What exactly do these do ? It is taking my page a lot longer to load due to this in some instances and I ouwld really love to avoid communication with external sites on my page, especially if it is not required.

    I have the setup variable set to 0 so it should avoid auto-update.

    Any info would be really appreciated mate.

    Thanks again for all your hard work

  3. Make sure you aren’t using the playlist located on my site. As for the Amazon connection, it is used to find images for each track. If you add an image into your playlist for each track, it will not connect to Amazon. The next version will have an option to eliminate all external connections.

  4. Hi, great player. I’m also a bit concerned about the connection being made to your site each time the player is loaded. Why is this?
    I’ve made sure there are no references to your site in the options.

  5. There are a couple of connections that default to my site: the playlist file, the skin files, and the version checker. they are all easily disabled in the options.

  6. I found the cause guys, it seems that when the “setup” variable is set (regardless of whether it is 0 or 1), a connection is made to geekid.net.

    Removing this variable from variables.txt did the trick for me.

    Also ensure that your playlist xml file doesn’t contain any reference to geekid at all.

    I also used Lacy’s suggestion of adding an image to each track which eliminated the amazon connection. :D

    You can do this as follows…

    Track Title

    Hope this helps

  7. What about setup=false, does that still contact the site?

    Also, what does the useId3 variable do? when I set it to true it didn’t seem to alter what was displayed for the track details?

    Thanks again.

  8. setup=false turns off the autoupdate connection with my site. The usedId3 variable trys to retrieve Id3 information when there is none present in the playlist.

  9. okay I give up how do you change the skin to itunes?
    I downloaded the itunes skin butcan’t get it to change

  10. You may or may not be using a ‘skin_url’, if not, then the player defaults to the skin file located on my site. To change skins, place the skin.xml and the images folder in the same directory as the player and the players .html or .php page. This is will only last until the next update, where you can specify a single url anywhere on a server. When embedding the player on your site, add one extra variable, ‘skin_url=skin.xml’. You can use the format “http://www.YOURSITE.com/xspf_jukebox.swf?skin_url=skin.xml”.

  11. Are there any artists working on other skins? Although yours look nice, they are way too big to look good on my blog. I would love an alternative to the xspf_player_slim that was of similar size.

    Good work though. I am using your wmp players on my site presently, but they aren’t much different in aesthetics to the original. I’m mainly using them for the shuffle feature.

    About that, could you make it so the shuffle feature doesn’t repeat any songs before its gone through them all? Since I don’t have a large playlist (only 5 or so songs), the shuffle feature can tend to play the same song 2 or more times in a row. Basically I just want it to shuffle the order of the playlist before it starts playing, not on the fly, which is seems to do in this case.

  12. I have been working on this for 3 days and obviously I’m missing something. The player seems to work with all of the defaults both on my local computer and my website but when I try to add my own playlist or someone else’s that I know works for them I get an “error loading” message. I have tried putting the playlist in any number of locations including same directory, lower directory and even on another site both with relative and absolute paths.

    I even borrowed the object and embed code from someone else’s site and it works perfectly from my html page but when I change the url to mine I get the same error message.

    If anyone wants to try to help straighten me out I would really appreciate it (mikeatkistsdotus) otherwise I’m doomed to trying out something else.

  13. Lacy, I want to start using this player on all my sites, and will definitely donate, if you can help me w/ one thing. I want create the player statically in flash, and can’t seem to do it. You helped me do it w/ last version (take out _root.), but I can’t get this one to do it. I really just want to create all buttons statically in flash. Is that possible to figure out??

    I haven’t used the one I created previously, since ‘autoresume’ is super ‘importante’ to me. This site – http://www.artsyfartsyphotography.com – needs autoresume big time, just to look more professional.

  14. I would like to edit the code to include the iPod Store hookup for when I’m at school and I can buy music, what would you recommend?

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