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My revised version of Fabricio Zuardi’s XSPF player, source, and documentation.
See here

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  1. Whenever I try to implement the player in one of my pages, Flash automatically stops a “potentially dangerous operation” because it says that the player is trying to communicate with lacymorrow.com. It then asks me to change my security settings. Is there any way around this? It should be noted that I’m testing the player locally; I haven’t posted it to the web yet. Maybe that’s the issue?

  2. The reason for this is that the default playlist and the auto-update file is on my webserver, and flash is trying to connect to it. To stop this, click settings at the bottom of the alert, and whitelist the xspf player for internet access.

  3. Well, in the fifteen minutes since I posted that, I tested it online and it worked fine. A few questions – is there any way I can customize the player further without having access to Flash? I really want to have the track info scroll, marquee-style, with the additional metadata (album name, annotations) from the xspf playlists.

  4. …Extended player, info_button_text=Add to Cart (displayed on a button below the album cover when present)

  5. the info_button_text function is working now, however it only changes the mouseover text. The purchase button gets in the way when the info button is bigger than normal. I’m working on an easy fix. There is already a purchase button though.

    As for turning off the info button, just don’t include an info url for some or all songs in your playlist, or a main url, and the info button will automatically turn off when needed.

  6. Thanks for the answer. If I would like to play FLV videos, is it possible to define movie size for a player, give values like 160 x 120, 240 x 180 or 320 x 240. Now the size seems to be something like 130 x 130 with “rectangle” flatten picture?

  7. Thank You so very much for your mod of the player. I tried for days to amend the playlist to the original before finding this webpage. I got it up and running in 15 minutes. You rock. Thanks.

  8. I had a question after looking at the player for a bit. when my page loads intially the player is blank. no playlist is visible. I thought enough to hit play and the playlist loaded. I am thinking that other people that go to my site might not recognize the player is functional with out a playlist. is their a way to make the list load without hitting play?

  9. I love the player but i have one request. I am running this as a wordpress plugin. I want the player to popup in a seperate window.

    Can anyone tell me how to modify my code to do this


  10. Good work, especially by someone who’s still in high school (?).

    Anyway, would like to recommend two things cleaned up/documented:

    1) Local use – not connected to the intranet – the original player works fine if the .swf file is copied locally, and given a .mp3 file that is local.
    But this modified player wants to call back home – and tries to connect to geekkid.com – not a good thing, and if it does want to do this, it should be clearly documented. This is not good for security, and behaves like a trojan.

    2) Another suspicous function in the code is __com_mochibot__ – which looks garbled code, and has something to do with mochibot.com
    Another red flag.

  11. Lacy,
    I like the player and the improvements you made, but have a question about it repeating the last song. Right now, when the playlist finishes, it automatically repeats the last song in the playlist over and over again until the stop button is activated, or the user choses another song. I’ve tried going into your code and looking for an error, but I don’t see one. Have you encountered this problem and have a fix for it? I’m running the player on each “current project” page by this composer, so you can see it happening for each playlist I’ve made using your player.

    Looking forward to your assistance.


  12. hey this thing is great but i can only get it to play mp3′s not flv’s, the flv is confirmed working too.

    some detailed intructions would be nice.

  13. Hi Lacy,

    Great work you have going on here. Have you ever tried to work with autoPlay=”true”; in the .fla of the button player?

    It appears that when you attempt to set the autoPlay to a value of true, you can no longer control the stop and play button and the function assigned to the button appears to lose scope or focus.

    I tried fixing tuning the AS, but could not get it to work. Have you had this problem with the XSPF player and autoPlay and have found a workaround?
    This link is an example of the problem.
    Hope to hear from you and you have a clue as to a fix for this.

    Cheers – Steve

  14. Hmm, truthfully I have never touched the button player, but I cannot find what you mean. When I set autoplay=true, it still works in your example. If I have time one day, I may just update Fabricio’s button with my functions.

    As for the ‘calling home’ noted above, if setup is set to true, the player connects to my website to check for an updated version. Also, if no playlist is set, a playlist on this site is used by default. As I stated in another post, the _mochibot code is a tracker that follows where my player is used. It is used ONLY to collect usage data and I have no problem with the more paranoid of you removing it. It is interesting for me to see where the player ends up.

  15. I am having the same problem as Steve. If you set &autoplay=true it starts to the play the song, but the controls seem to be disabled. You have to let the song play in it’s entirety before the button becomes active. (I am using it to play a single mp3 file.)

    I also sent you an email about pausing one instance of the button when you start another so that you don’t have sound playing over other sound.


  16. I’m pulling my hair out. I downloaded the smallest player (for a small footprint size on my site) and now I’m lost. I have permission to play an MP3 from the writer for a song that we want to loop on the site. (2 versions, 45sec and 4.5 minutes) All we want to do is give the visitor the option of turning off the music if they choose. I am using XCite pro to code the site, but know a little html. I’m out of time. The music needs to be up for already in place promos. I know this is fairly simple but don’t have time for another learning curve. Is someone here familiar with this that I can pay for a quick setup. if you can do this quickly. Thanks.

  17. Hello for the fix autoplay, who to stop

    go into MusicButton.as (folder com/zuardi/musicplayer/ )

    find the second reference to “autoplay”

    if((this["owner"].autoplay.toString()==”true”)){ this["owner"].playTrack()

    add before “this[owner..."


    it will work! if you ve got some problem go on soulcalibur.fr and Private msg “Ein”

  18. Sorry my msg is not very clear





    and before the line

    this["owner"].pla yTrack()

    BAsicaly it will show the button Stop/Play before playing, so you can stop

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