Xspf Bug Fixes

A couple of much needed bug fixes: this update fixes the stop on completion bug, the autoresume works with the pause function correctly now, and the scrolling playlist has been touched up to scroll to the correct place. For those interested in internet radio, the memory leak problem cannot be easily fixed with AS2, the coding used in this player. I am looking into a multi-track workaround which would be crude at best, but would work.
XSPF Jukebox

13 thoughts on “Xspf Bug Fixes

  1. Sorry. Well, does it work? Because I tried just holding the button and it just skipped to the next song. Is there something else you have to do, or is there a function for it at all?

  2. Thanks for taking the time to look at the internet radio issue! It’s been something that a lot of people have been looking for.

  3. You mention a memory leak problem to do with Internet Radio use. Would there be a problem if you are playing a continual stream of music. People I know are reporting that sometimes the player stops playing or appears to be playing but there is no sound. Could this be due to this memory leak problem?

  4. If you continuously stream from the net, the player does not dump the memory, so that the ram is filled until it cannot hold any more memory. this could be causing those problems.

  5. i just replaced my old jukebox with the updated xspf_jukebox.swf

    but now my skin doesnt show up. only the text/controls. help! thanks

  6. Hi Lacy,
    Your fix for the pause remembering the pause state when in autoresume was helpful for me. However I have noticed that the stop button state does not get rememberd when in autoresume. e.g. press play to play a track, then press stop and the music stops, refresh the page and you would expect the player to stay stopped but the music starts up again (picks up from point where track was stopped). It’s no biggie as I can get around it by leaving out the stop button but just wanted to let you know about it.

    By the way your XSPF Jukebox is the BEST one out there, keep up the good work!

  7. Hi all, is autoresume working for you guys consistently? It’s not for me. Sometimes it seems to work… but other times it seems to go to the middle of the track where it left off.. then you can hear that portion of the track fade away while the beginning of the track fades in and then it plays it from the beginning.

    Anyone else having issues?

  8. hi! the player works fine for me and i can’t thank you enough for coding it. my only problem is: the player doesn’t switch tracks automatically. that means after every track the playback just stops and you have to hit the “next” button manually. i’ve set no_continue to “false” in the variables.txt and in the html code itself, but it didn’t help. this does only occur when crossFade is set to “false”. but i don’t want crossfading, i want it to play one song after another. :(

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