Xspf 3.8

A lot of people have been asking if there was a way to autoload, but show a beggining image as well. up until now there was no way, but just insert “image=http://www.you.com/yourpic.jpg” to load your starting image. new version here.

6 thoughts on “Xspf 3.8

  1. I’ve got a new question :) How can i change default load message?
    I like show my own message whith autoload (I show songs & image… need a load message), not “LOADED – CLICK TO START”… where can I change it? will be cool if we can change it at the same way that “player_title=own message”


  2. A new question :) Why when I start my player it show me twice the list. And second list is just a name in screen player (no image no mp3).

    It’s really a bad thing when you’ve a random start :(

  3. Well, great work! I found out about this when I was looking on Google for
    an audio player for this and I found you on a site, (www.boutell.com/newfaq/creating/audio.html) but they showed a lot of different things but I first went to your page. First thing I said Was WOAH!
    SWEET! YES! W000000T! It took me about 40 mins to upload all of the songs BUT I accidently put in some m4as that i ripped from a CD onto iTunes so those wont load but I hope you support m4a in the future!

    A Happy Customer,


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