Xspf 3.4

Another moderately big update. Many tiny bug fixes, and one big update: Time Display! The variable to insert the display is “timedisplay” and the possible values are 1, 2, 3, or 4 for the three different types. This adds an iTunes-esque timedisplay on the music label bar, beside volume. The outcomes of the values are as follows: 2 = a countup timer, from 0:00 until the song is finished. 3 = a countdown, until 0:00. 4 displays the total time in the song/video (yes it works for video too). 1 will be the most used value, it creates a button that can be clicked to switch between the three display types. Just add “timedisplay=1″ to your url to see exactly what I mean. 

XSPF Jukebox

10 thoughts on “Xspf 3.4

  1. I downloaded the xspf.zip folder. Which file am I supposed to edit and upload to my webhost to create a playlist? .xml, .xspf, or the whole folder? Can anyone help?

  2. Hi!

    Excellent job! Will it be a slim version without video support but all of new features? It will be great…

    thx for all!

    (sorry my english :) )

  3. It should be noted: to stop autoplay the variable must be removed altogether from the object data. Using 0 or false does not work.
    I finally figured this out. Thanks Lacy!
    I also saw your ‘update’ appear on your newest unmentioned version… all i gotta say is ‘NEAT’.

    Your rocking.
    Where’s your ‘donation’ button?

  4. I like what you have done with the sourceforge musicplayer. I have been wanting to add video support to the player. You mention in your SLIM project update that you also have a v3.7 out. However it is not posted.

    Great work.

  5. Hello, I like your mod :) I’ve got a question… how I can add an image with autoload & autoplay = 0 cause I like that users can click to turn on sound (but also like that webplayer has a nice image to show while is turn off).

    When start music I don’t have problem to add image to every song, just … inside track and works ok. But for the initial image how can do????

  6. I’m having the worst trouble getting video to play on this player…

    I’ve gotton the video to appear to want to play when I include a video within a normal music playlist but I can’t get just a video playlist to load… can someone please post an example of a working video playlist?

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