Xspf 3.1

New XSPF update, very minor changes.
The auto-update was checking version with an onEnterFrame function for the entire time the player is running, taking up a little more cpu than necessary. Also, the info tags from the playlist have been getting overwritten by a link to my site (the default if there is no info tag) before being loaded.
XSPF Jukebox

7 thoughts on “Xspf 3.1

  1. im new to all this i really want a plyer for my website but i do not know what to do or what to download please help

  2. Well, really you need to do a bit more research to understand this, but you would need to download the zip link (on the left sidebar) then upload xspf-player.swf to your webhost. To post on your website you would need to add a small piece of code to the html, and change the options to what you want. You can find more info here.

  3. Hi Lacy, I must say you’ve done an outstanding job with the revisions. I am still having a small issue and that is I cannot get the autoplay feature to turn off.
    No matter what I do your xspf version seems to autoplay.

    I have tried:
    autoplay=0, autoplay=1, autoplay=true, autoplay=false

    I have also removed that variable altogether.

    I do not ever have this problem with Fabricio Zuardi’s version.

    Can you help me?

    Aloha from Maui!

  4. Hey Babygene,
    I haven’t heard from Lacy yet (no doubt he’s a busy genius), but after reading the documentation I too had problems writing the xspf correctly. So i simply ‘viewed source’ on his xml file, copied it into a text editor, changed the info for my own needs, uploaded and voila. So that’s how you can do it also. I forgot to mention Lacy, I cannot get the auto-repeat to work either. Is that built in: to repeat one song until user makes a change?

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