Xbox Hacking- Firsthand

Originally uploaded by gojukebox00.

Today I decide to try something I have always wanted to, but was never able to because of my parents or brother. Xbox Modding. I wanted to do everything myself, besides the programming, so I quickly set off to break into a broken controller to see what was inside. Finding exactly what I had expected, I promptly went for a solder gun and USB cord that I could use to have a USB flash drive in the controller. By cutting the cord from one controller and putting it onto the other, I then had two cords coming from the same place, one without wires on the end. Stripping the end, I decided to test it before I soldered it to the female USB. In a few seconds, I effectively burned out a 1 gig USB drive ($60). At that moment, I had the thought that it wouldn’t be as bad to burn out a $6 xbox memory card. Brilliant. Cut and splice and there you have it: an 8mb USB flash drive. It was even easier to make a USB-Xbox cord. A few Action Replay files later and I now have a softmodded Xbox. Now all I have to worry about is getting the warranty filed on the flash drive. One day, I will finish the controller port, but for now, it is too much fun playing Super Mario 64 on my Xbox.

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