Relax, fellas

Ok, so I’ve heard of the countless problems people are having getting the Jukebox up and running, as well as the number of bugs yet to be fixed. Believe me, every single email and comment is read. The main reason for lack of support and updates is that I don’t have the time. With school starting back and my eighteenth birthday coming up, I have had to concentrate more on my paid web design projects than the Jukebox. That is not to say that the project will be dropped, in fact I have every intention of recreating the entire website as well as making a simple auto-installer for the Jukebox. My only compensation for these projects are from the minimal donations I receive, so be happy with the current version. And also get ready, I have big plans for the Jukebox over the next month or so, so check back to see how it is coming. The Xspf Jukebox is already the most functional web media player on the internet (take that, WimpyPlayer), and the best part: It’s free. So if you are having problems, leave a comment, or shoot me an email (just make sure to send me a link, I can’t help you if I can’t see what’s wrong). Also, check out theĀ project page. You can download the files exactly as I have them used and, who knows? Maybe you’ll solve the problems yourself.

14 thoughts on “Relax, fellas

  1. Lacy,
    It’s exciting, the thought of an automated configuration installer.
    It would be nice if you could install a forum, so that members could help each other out, so that problems could get resolved via multiple developers; bugs get logged and monitored, etc..
    It’s plain to see by the blog that the jukebox is being used by a few very savy geek intellectual coders (ManGods).

  2. Hi Lacey

    You are doing a fantastic job.

    I have placed your jukebox on a test site I’m doing for a Choral Society here in France. However, I can’t get it to play any video. I tried a fairly large FLV first and that didn’t load when uploaded to the server (it works fine when tested locally). So I tried a very small FLV loop (Curtain Loop) thinking size might be an issue – still no go. Being a complete amateur I’m afraid I’m completely stumped. I assume I’m doing something incredibly stupid, so any pointers would be gratefully received. The URL is

    Many thanks

  3. Neil,
    The auto playlister playlist.php doesn’t seem to find flv files, and so I had to use the playlist.xml and make a playlist of my own. Besides that, the problem is likely your server path on the embed or playlist.xml file/tags, and make damn sure that all playlist files are in the /music/mp3 folder, not in just /music/, as there is bug otherwise. My server, I finally got everything to work by changing all file paths to this prefix: ../../music/ . With autoplaylister playlist.php “only”, the path to music folder had to be set to path to ../../music/mp3/ folder instead, and everything had to have the closing slash. Hope this helps. I’m at sir mikey dot com if you need help. This site needs a forum, would certainly smooth things out.

  4. Lacy, Did you remove the red LM logo, or did you add updates to the wrong FLA? I ask this because the background colors no longer work in 5.9.4, like previous versions.

  5. PS Neil, I added a fla file and it works using playlist.xml. The bottom right playlist is the fla file, at “sir mikey dot com”

  6. sorry, the above is to neil.
    @sirmikey, yes I ended up removing the logo, I didn’t really want it there in the first place, but which background colors aren’t working?

  7. Hi Lacy

    First of all, thanks for creating such a terrific, versatile, configurable player. It’s exactly what I needed and it was easier than I expected to install and configure it. One question, though – I’m using the autoresume feature, which works but seems to time out after a fairly short time – maybe a minute or so? Is that expected behavior, and if so is there a way I can extend the period before the timeout? We have a couple of longer pages and I need the autoresume to work even when someone’s taken a coupe of minutes to read them. The site’s

  8. For people having trouble with using stats.php – I believe there is a typo in the comment in Lacy’s stats.php example file here: test page.

    In the big comment block at the top, it says to ‘pass the variable “skinurl” to the xspf_jukebox.swf file with the location of this stats.php file’.

    However, I believe the correct variable should be “statsurl”, not “skinurl”. That is how the varible is called from the “embed.php” file that Lacy includes with this example. Append this to the variables list when invoking the jukebox: “&statsurl=stats.php”


  9. PS: Also, in stats.php, the line

    $file = fopen(“playlog.txt”, “w”);

    should actually be

    $file = fopen(“playlog.txt”, “a”);

    See the PHP manual for the difference – but in short, the “w” tag will overwrite the entire log file with the new entry, meaning that there’s only one entry in there at a time. The “a” tag will add/append the new entry to the end of the file, creating a useful, running log of song plays.

  10. I love your player.
    But from what I hear it’s difficult to embed and get working. I don’t see a contact email so I’ll just have to say it here. Do you have any interest in combining forces with myself and my XSPF.PHP ID3 generator to form a more automagic package? I’m also looking for a creative sort to work on a complete ID3 module for an open source project.

  11. Didn’t know where to put this documentation error and could not find a contact email address so:

    Documentation: Flash XSPF Jukebox
    Parameters: timedisplay
    Error: says: 3:duration, 4:countdown
    should be: 3:countdown, 4:duration

    I didn’t check the other ones since I wanted countdown.

    TTFN… Andrea

  12. hi lacy, i downed xspf from sourceforge and embedded it ok. it looks fine in chrome, but opera only plays some dumb default playlist that i can’t delete. i would love to be able to use opera and firefox, but if the default playlist is all i get, it’s not gonna work. i’m sure there’s a simple solution that’s beyond me. thanks for your help.
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