The Xspf Jukebox

Thats right, the ‘XSPF Web Music Player’ is no more, my jukebox has been completely rewritten, losing the last snippits of code from Fabricio Zuardi’s original. The Jukebox is fully skinnable, every function previously available has been recoded to support skinning and resizing. The first skin, iPod Black, is a partial demo of what is possible. It supports both audio and video, and works the same way as the normal player. There are 3 files associated with the player, the actual swf file, which while having around 400 extra lines of code, has been cleaned up so that it is the same size as the Xspf, a measly 16kb. Next is the skin.xml file, which contains the instructions for creating the player look, and lastly is the background image. There are two versions, a Flash 7 version for higher browser support, or a Flash 8 version for PNG and alpha channel support. As of now there is no download, but in the next few days I will be remaking my website to support the posting, previewing, and downloading of skins, as well as releasing a few more of my own skins. As for player updates, I will be adding an image loader for greater image options (resize, rotate, color change). The one drawback I can find is in the font display, the user must have your specified font on their computer to view the player correctly, otherwise they will see the default system font (usually Times New Roman). There has only been one function addition, and that is the ability for the alphabetize function to disregard a ‘The’ at the beggining of an artist title, the same way iTunes does. For example, ‘The Beatles’ would come alphabetically before ‘Cake’. To turn this off, and alphabetize normally, pass the variable ‘forceAlphabetize=1′.
View it Here.

7 thoughts on “The Xspf Jukebox

  1. Well, WOW! I’m glad that you redid the whole thing to make it do…well, AWESOME things! I think on the ipod it should have a menu, maybe saying like, “Videos” “Music” “Podcasts” etc. The users could sort their media into those catagories through an XML file.

    Just a suggestion. I can’t wait to see the other skins!

  2. Ahhh! Major kudos on this work Lacy! It looks like it’ll fit the bill of what i need perfectly! Greatly anticipating the release!


  3. Lacy,

    Dynamite job on the re-write. I was looking at the code, and I think its still intact as far as creative integrity, but you’ve opened it up to new adventures for novice–pro alike.

    Do you think it would be possible to work in a way to have kind of a “celebrity playlist” looking box similar to iTunes. This functionality allows people like me to write about the song and personal info, but changes with each song automatically. Where would I start to program in even just a way to open another sized window with the same kind of information as an interim fix?


  4. Well I cant wait for it to be done, as I’m kinda making a music center ‘app’ for my old pc, using html/php, and your flash player fits in good, and even more if skinnable :)
    Question I have still got: Can it ‘crawl’ a directory so that I can let it load the mp3s from my mp3 player in a playlist automatically?

  5. I am actually in the process of creating a php file to crawl a directory and generate a playlist file, but you would need to have a working php installation.

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