Relax, fellas

Ok, so I’ve heard of the countless problems people are having getting the Jukebox up and running, as well as the number of bugs yet to be fixed. Believe me, every single email and comment is read. The main reason for lack of support and updates is that I don’t have the time. With school starting back and my eighteenth birthday coming up, I have had to concentrate more on my paid web design projects than the Jukebox. That is not to say that the project will be dropped, in fact I have every intention of recreating the entire website as well as making a simple auto-installer for the Jukebox. My only compensation for these projects are from the minimal donations I receive, so be happy with the current version. And also get ready, I have big plans for the Jukebox over the next month or so, so check back to see how it is coming. The Xspf Jukebox is already the most functional web media player on the internet (take that, WimpyPlayer), and the best part: It’s free. So if you are having problems, leave a comment, or shoot me an email (just make sure to send me a link, I can’t help you if I can’t see what’s wrong). Also, check out the project page. You can download the files exactly as I have them used and, who knows? Maybe you’ll solve the problems yourself.

Xspf Jukebox 5.9.4

Here is another update to the Xspf Jukebox, version 5.9.4. There are many small fixes which take care of a number of bugs.

A couple of additions are

  • You can now add tracks to the player through Javascript with the function addTrack(track id, location, title, creator, info url, purchase url, image, annotation)
  • Percentage widths and heights are now supported in the skin xml
  • Gradients are now available in skins as well

XSPF Jukebox


Xspf Jukebox 5.9

The Jukebox is now able to be loaded as a child to any other flash movie, no problem. It can be included in Flash sites or applications without having to be loaded from the Html page. This update also fixes bugs with reading stats, and adds additional accessible information through the “statsurl” interface.
XSPF Jukebox

Xspf Javascript Interface

Some of you have been asking for a way to control the Xspf Jukebox using Javascript, well here it is. A single line of code is all it takes to play, pause stop, switch between tracks, and toggle shuffle and repeat on/off. These are the only six functions available at this time, but I am open to suggestions for additional ones. The documentation has been updated for reference here.

Xspf Jukebox Test Page

Anyone having problems getting everything to work just right with the Xspf Jukebox may want to click the link below. I have thrown together a super-simple page that incorporates all of the included files with the Jukebox download. The source files are also available for download so that you can see exactly how to use them. XSPF Jukebox

Small Update

It’s been awhile, but I am slowly getting things worked out. This is a small update to allow for a duration variable in the playlist. This fixes the “Jumpy” scrub bar, but inserting the wrong number will cause unexpected results. Use the <duration> tag in the playlist, and insert [number of seconds] x 1000.

Couple More…

Few more updates, the repeat_playlist and no_continue bugs should be gone for good. Also, I have taken out the “setup” feature. It was meant to have more of a function than a blinking “Update” icon, but never happened.

Xspf Bug Fixes

A couple of much needed bug fixes: this update fixes the stop on completion bug, the autoresume works with the pause function correctly now, and the scrolling playlist has been touched up to scroll to the correct place. For those interested in internet radio, the memory leak problem cannot be easily fixed with AS2, the coding used in this player. I am looking into a multi-track workaround which would be crude at best, but would work.
XSPF Jukebox

Xspf Jukebox 5.8

The first Xspf Jukebox update in a couple of months, to celebrate my 17th. This update fixes all of the bugs that have been brought to my attention, as well as adding some new features. Some changes include autoresume carrying the paused state, as well as the shuffled playlist order, through a refresh. Repeating track and playlist problems have been resolved, as well as internet radio issues. New additions include a scrolling playlist to show the current track, a play state display for skins (shows play/pause/stop icon), and a customizable format for track labels using the “format” variable. Just type exactly how you would like each track label to appear, using “-creator”, “-title”, “-location”, and “-annotation” to insert their respective values. For example, “Playing: -title by -creator” could output “Playing: The General by Dispatch”.

XSPF Jukebox

Submit Skins

I am now accepting submissions of your own Jukebox skins to share with others. Zip all skin files and visit Email to submit skins to the site. All skins will be approved by myself before being posted on the site. Also the XSPF Jukebox page now shows the contents of the informational tags in the skin.xml file.