Xspf Jukebox 5.9.4

Here is another update to the Xspf Jukebox, version 5.9.4. There are many small fixes which take care of a number of bugs.

A couple of additions are

  • You can now add tracks to the player through Javascript with the function addTrack(track id, location, title, creator, info url, purchase url, image, annotation)
  • Percentage widths and heights are now supported in the skin xml
  • Gradients are now available in skins as well

XSPF Jukebox


13 thoughts on “Xspf Jukebox 5.9.4

  1. Lacy, Great to see some action with the project. I can’t get auto-embed or auto-playlist to generate. All I am seeing is that red logo of yours, no skin or playlist, nothing. The new Firefox does not like the old embed tags, wont start/play the tracks, and that’s what started the whole mess with me, old useless embed tags. I’m now going to try the new version; and will let you know how it turns out. Thanks Again for this great project, and keep up the good work. Mikey

  2. Hi There,

    I’m pleased to hear that there is a new version of this player but I am still having problems with the old one. I know it might sound simple but I’m struggling with adding my own mp3 tracks to the player’ can you help? I’ve read all your help guide etc but still nothing.

    Kind Regards

  3. Dominic, Is the player already working on your site? It’s tricky at first, need working embed tag with the playlist and all of the variables. For the skin, it’s looking for only the folder name, not the file name. Sir Mikey dot com if you need help. I’ll try..

  4. Please start numbering your xspf_jukebox.swf files or zip filename, to include the version number. There was no download link and so I fished around and I think I got 593 instead of 594. It’s a mystery to me…

  5. everything works tutti-frutti!! thanks a lot for the upgrades, thats what i was dreaming! :o)
    i am using it swfobject 2.1 and works great.

    Lacy, feature request for the upcoming version:
    after uploading the xml playlist, may this player can verify urls and remove the dead urls from the playlist?

  6. oh one more thing: it will be very nice to see, when clicking buttons, fade to color, instead of instant change of button, this may add a good density to buttons.


    Please provide an initial package which is ready to go, local player and playlist: I prepared such a package for your member Dominic, asked him to choose a skin and three songs. All he did was upload and call any embed file, amen, end of story.

    Need to be able to copy to site root, call an embed file, and AMEN! Some servers don’t accept root as “/music”, but all servers and your php/xml config files do accept ../../music.


  8. Also consider adding a popup for all skins which is flash. Flash looks and works better and cleaner than javascript.

  9. Found a fix for another bug. The default crossfading stops some of the mp3s from going to next track, stops it cold. I set crossfade to false and playlist now plays and loops, perfectly.

    The other fix I told you about earlier was the playlist.php file asks for path to ../../music folder, but needs path to ../../music/mp3 folder for playlist to load. Try and see for yourself.


  10. @Sir Mikey

    He has some documentation on the player that should help if you check out this site. The default player capabilities don’t have a very steep learning curve. Only the additional features like the JS interaction might, and those are optional and not required to get the player to work (though one can do some really fun stuff with them).

    You really dont need java to use the player, but scripts like the swobject really help out quite a bit to get around some of the annoyances built in by some browsers.

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