Skin Update

This is the last update of a skin that doesn’t play music or have all of the functions of the current player. By next week there should be a the XSPF 5.0 player will be available that anyone with a little bit of time can customize to their liking. This also calls for a web update, the current jukebox page will be updated to support the posting, displaying, and downloading of personal skins. Lastly, there will be instructions and documentation on using my “skinXML”. Download and start creating now, if you think you can do it without instructions. Here.

3 thoughts on “Skin Update

  1. Hi, I work for a record label and I love your player. I notice there’s a right-click option to stop the player….is there way to access that programatically so that I can stop an embedded player when the site visitor launches a pop-up player?

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