No Excuse Not To Have A Mac

Windows users, your time is gone. The Macintosh BootCamp beta was released today, eliminating any reason to keep a faulty PC around. BootCamp allows any intel Mac running 10.4.6 or over install and run the WindowsXP operating system, separate from OSX, on the same machine. This allows full access to any and all windows programs, while keeping the speed and reliability of your Macintosh partition. The windows fix for Macintosh has been around for over a year, PearPC. So now you can go ahead and buy that new iMac you’ve had you eye on. NOTE: Windows, being what it is, is still susceptible to viruses. They will not, however, affect your Macintosh partition.

One thought on “No Excuse Not To Have A Mac

  1. Be aware that an invisible “back-door” entryway enables the Federal Government to get into your WindowsXP system without leaving any trace. With a little help from MS, their processes don’t show up in the Task Manager, and they get whatever they want, so just beware.

    I can’t say the same for Mac with certainty, but it wouldn’t be surprising to find that they too have given in to the dark forces.

    Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news. Mac is still the best.

    Also, Phil Zimmerman, the developer of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption now has another encryption product, released this week that encrypts voice within the same channel it is broadcast, without having to send public KEYS. It will be interesting to see is he is put in jail this time. His point of view is that businesses need this more than the criminals. We will see. If he is successful, we might have a way to beat the system — fat chance!

    Uncle Billy

    PS: It is inspirational to see that you are taking so well to the internet. It wasn’t that long ago we were building ring-linked hardware “models” for DARPA at the Burroughs Research Center in Paoli, Pennsylvania, that became the basis for development of the TCP/IP protocol .

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