I have been getting some emails from people finding “suspicious Mochibot code” in my flash files. Mochibot code is non-invasive and is used only¬†as a tracker for my flash projects, it shows me where and how many times my videos have been played. I would apreciate it if developers would leave the code standing, but if needed, I have no problem with any removal of it.

4 thoughts on “MochiBot

  1. Andy is correct, it really is that simple. The only two problems I have are that the code is a little too long for comfort, but works like a charm, and the mochibot website in which you check your ratings is horribly slow, nothing less than advertised however, as the site is still in beta. It is really interesting to see where your flash ends up. My slim player, as I was amazed to find, went from 36 views a day, to 429, to 1320 in less than two weeks after releasing it. It is now my top rated flash item. I will post a site stats page to view stats from google analytics and mochibot.

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