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Finally posting my very first full-on flash app, my mp3 Jukebox.

This was created just six months after learning flash, about three years ago. Since then I have dropped the project and have begun editing the XSPF player. The only documentation I have is my notes of what needed to be done, and what I had already finished. I’ll tell you, its rough trying to
understand what I was doing, but this should help some begginers.

The player is actually amazingly detailed. Everything is customizable, right down to each individual button colorand volume fading. There are actually pieces of this player I am in the process of putting into the XSPF. It supports id3 tags as well, although I never saw a point in using them.
To help someone trying to work through this out, the info.xml files is all-important. The playlist url is stored here. To embed the player just add “?infourl=info.xml” after the swf url.

The info file is not rearrangable, although renaming the tree or nodes will not hurt anything. The only fault tolerance this player has is for no urls. As I was editing one time, I seem to have broken the total time display, and never bothered to fix it. The popup player never did work either.

Do your worst, download it here: jukebox

4 thoughts on “Jukebox Files

  1. I’ve been very curious about your jukebox player. great. except the download link doesn;t seem to work…. :-(

  2. that’s a cool player man! it looks so fun, but there is no source to tweak. would you ever release it?
    thanks!! :-)


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