Xspf Jukebox 5.5 : Crossfade

New updates for the Xspf Jukebox. I have fixed some minor bugs with skin processing, as well as adding a new option for aligning the track display text using the tag “align” inside the skin.xml file (options, of course, are “left”, “right”, and default is “center”).
Two new variables, one more exciting than the other. The first is the “midChar” variable, which gives you the option to change the character separating creator and title in the track label. The second controls the new Crossfade function, much like iTunes. Use the variable “crossFade”, set to either a boolean value (true or false), which will default to six seconds, or fill in a number (in seconds) 1 through 12.

XSPF Jukebox

17 thoughts on “Xspf Jukebox 5.5 : Crossfade

  1. really great plugin, thanks, just one question, how to use squareone skin? the swf file included in the folder shows a black ipod. Is it supposed to be like that?

  2. You must add the variable “skin_url” pointing to the skin folder, otherwise the player will default the iPodBlack skin. All of the .swf files included with any skin download are the same. See the Documentation for more embedding info.

  3. Love the player, and all of the skins but I am having a strange problem with it. When I attempt to view the page I am putting it on in Firefox (Mac or Windows) none of the skin images are loading, but if I view it in Safari (Mac) or Internet Explorer (Windows) the images load correctly. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. The page can be found at http://radio.mododi.com. Thanks.

  4. I discovered what the problem was… for some reason, my host had enabled redirection (to nowhere) on the sub-domain and this was causing a problem for Firefox, but IE on Windows, and Safari on the Mac seemed to ignore the redirection to nowhere.

  5. Hi geekkid, Really nice work on the Jukebox! I’ve been researching Flash mp3 players to find a suitable one for a band website that I’m working on and your’s is the best one I’ve found yet.

    I have a question for you. Is it possible to set up this jukebox so that the music is played from a hidden frame but the control panel is in the visible frame? I would like this type of setup so that there is no break in music when going from page to page.


  6. i’m not quite sure what you mean by “control panel”, but it is possible to embed the player in a static frame while another frame changes with the different pages of a website.

  7. Hi Lacy,
    What I meant by control panel is the player user interface. My idea is to put the player in not just a static frame, but a hidden frame (so as not to affect the design of the site). So if the player is in a hidden frame then you need the player interface to be in a different (visible) frame. I guess to achieve this it would need 2 flash objects – one in the hidden frame that plays the music and another in the visible frame that provides the user interface for the player (and controls the player in the hidden frame). As I’m not a Flash expert I don’t know if this is easy to do or even possible.

  8. I’m sorry, I still don’t understand. The user interface and player are one and the same. If you put the interface into a frame, the music is attached to it.

  9. Hi Lacy,
    Yes I realise that the current version of the player cannot work in the cross frames manner that I described since, as you put it, the user interface and player are one and the same. However, it would be killer feature if someone were to adapt your player to work in such a mode.

    If you still don’t understand what I mean, you can think of it as a player with a remote control. The player can be in a hidden frame that does not get reloaded when the visitor clicks around the site (so the music is unbroken). And the remote control can be placed on the individual pages of the site. When the visitor goes to a new page, the remote control will get refreshed but that will not affect the continuity of the music.

    For my current project I am making do with the autoresume feature. However one thing does not work quite as I expected – I have set autoplay to true; If I pause the player, then go to a different page, the player starts playing again. I would have expected the autoresume feature not just to remember where the song left off, but also to remember that the player was paused. Is that possible with this version? (i.e. to pause it on one page, then go to another page and have the player still paused)

  10. I get what you’re saying. The autoresume should be continuous throughout, i’ll look at it and the next version should work as described. What you are describing is impossible with flash on it’s own, and still very complicated without as it would have to bridge into javascript to control the frame while still staying updated as to what is playing, time, etc. The only other options for wholly continuous play is either a static iframe, or a pop-up window.

  11. Thanks Lacy for the explanation and for taking the time to respond to all my comments! Your player is still the coolest ive found:-) I like way it can be ‘skinned’ so easily. Keep up the good work!

  12. I’ve noticed that our (IAC) version of the player, when used on a Myspace page, plays fine. However, none of the links – Info, Add to Station etc., work. The pointer changes on hover to indicate a live link, but clicking produces nothing. Here’s an example page:


  13. Very good work!

    I am curious about adding a few features that would be helpful to me. I”m trying to setup (and re-design, yet again) a few sites to employ PayLoadz selling features, so folks can but albums or MP3s directly. Would there be a way to implement a few more links alongside the songs listed for this purpose?

    I realize a different skin or layout would be easier than the default one. Something like how Jonathan Coulton has his music page laid out.


    It’d be just a few more variables in the XSPF files, and a few more icons beside song titles. Perhaps someone’s mentioned this already… :)

  14. Hi Lacy

    I really like your player and trying to use it to stream music from my web server to my wii.

    I have made a start on a wii skin which you can se here: http://orinoco.mine.nu/jukebox.html

    The skin works fine from a browser, but the background image does not show up. None of the skins (either the “standard” ones or mine) work from the Wii – the layout and everything is there but the image is not shown.

    The Wii supports flash 7 and can read .png files – is there anything unusual you are doing within the code to load the image for the skin?

    Any help would be gratefully received – I looked a long time for a good flash player to use for the Wii and yours stands out.



  15. The skin looks great, I don’t have a Wii so I can’t see it from your perspective, but some info: Flash 7 does not support PNGs, so if you are using the flash 7 version of the player, that could be your problem. or if the Wii only supports flash 7… Try using a JPEG in place of your PNG.

  16. Hi Lacy

    You’re right – the version of Opera that ships with the Wii only supports up to Flash 7.

    I switched to a jpeg for the background of the skin and it worked a treat, with a couple of minor tweaks (the fonts for the track time and track name are rendered slightly differently on the Wii Opera version) but I’m nearly there.

    Next bit of the project is to modify the player to show a list of playlists on the left hand side (where the image would be) and the tracks in the playlist on the right.

    Thanks for your quick response


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