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This is the first showing of my XML slideshow. Created for, already in use at, and gratefully allowed to become open-source, Gallery is an advanced image viewer with support for many customizable items, through an XML playlist. Options are title, random transition, shuffle, startimage, duration, captions, links, watermark, resizing, list, controls, looping, and autoplay. Right now it contains 11 transitions; “fade”, “bars”, “blinds”, “blocks”, “checker”, “circles”, “dissolve”, “fadewhite”, “fluids”, “move”, “moveout”, “wipe”. Many include extra random changes to a singular transition to get a total of 43 transitions. This is not yet available for download yet, but a demonstration has been placed.


13 thoughts on “Gallery XML Image Slideshow

  1. I was looking for just such a tool today! I didn’t even come across your page during my search for a quality, open-source slide show tool – I happened to come across it while looking for an xspf playlist creator for a totally different endeavor. anyways, keep up the great work, and please let us know when gallery will be available.

  2. People (like me) could just look at the source of the gallery page and take the gallery player and .xml playlist and just make it to their specs right now if they wanted to get the player before it becomes open source.

  3. That was just to dissuade any free-thinkers. Yes, my copywright protects anything not openly available for download.And when is say it is easy to track, I mean loading a webpage, and seeing a list of all sites using my flash. And anyway, this should be open-source within a few weeks.

  4. Is it OK If I make a mirror for xspf player on my site? I would like to have my site as a mirror becuase I have a heck a lot of free bandwith on my site.

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