FlashPress Beta 1

This post marks the birthing of my text editor/WordPress blog editor (it also works somewhat with other blogs). This blog has been created with it, and I will continue to use it for the majority of my posts. The reason I began to create it was that my MySQL server began acting up and would take half an hour just to log in. Using the xml-rpc format, I was able to bypass everything, so that there is no login time, and posting takes a few seconds. No page refreshes means no waiting.

This is created entirely from scratch. although the macromedia components came in handy. The text editor is based off of an open-source flash, obedit. I had to create a method to parse the html output from an html text box into standard Xhtml. After logging in, you are able to edit or delete an existing post, or create a new one. A quick editor allows for changing text in a post without delay, or the true text editor allows for formating.

Some bugs: The Html format adds a new div for every line, unneccessary, but not noticable in the final product; Loading posts to edit loads the html, not just the text. I will create a parse method for this soon. I will also create a “cookie” to save username/password. This will be updated, but only to fix the glitches. I am also thinking of adding a spell-check like that of obedit.

Update: Flashpress, my made-from-scratch blog editor, is in it’s 0.2 beta version. With tweaks and bug fixes, it is becoming more and more stable. It has the potential for a lot of uses, the source could be adapted into such things as a spell check, a word processor, a person-to-person chat, or an all out HTML editor. It now supports basic images, along with mild bug fixes to solve formatting problems.

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