Flash iTunes XML Wrapper

This is my first flash component, and i think i pulled it off rather well. This is a wrapper for an itunes library or playlist file, to be used in any flash project involving the file (god knows how many I have), such as music players or data organizers. To use, just install, insert into your timeline, and use the function “loadXML(url);” to load and parse the file. Data is output into the “ItunesArray” array, and contains everything that could possibly be needed for use: TrackId/Name/Artist/Composer/Album/Genre/Kind/Size/Time/DiscNumber/DiscCount/TrackNumber/TrackCount/Year/DateModified/DateAdded/BitRate/SampleRate/Comments/PlayCount/PlayDate/Compilation/TrackType/Location.

Download it here.

PS – The iTunes XML can be a relatively large file, so parsing could take longer than expected. Be Patient

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