Couple More…

Few more updates, the repeat_playlist and no_continue bugs should be gone for good. Also, I have taken out the “setup” feature. It was meant to have more of a function than a blinking “Update” icon, but never happened.

6 thoughts on “Couple More…

  1. Haven’t checked up on here in a while…so happy to see crossfading ability added..SWEET!!! Great job and thanks!! So much better than silent gaps

  2. ugh..i’m a newbie at this. Can’t figure out how to get it to work on my MySpace page…i have the old player with old code. Can you help?

  3. Lacy, can you talk me through how to use stats.php with the jukebox so I can track which songs have been played and which haven’t?

  4. Fantastic Player! Congratulations!
    I have tree questions:
    1) Sometimes without apparently no reason the player just plays a few seconds of each song non stop… What I am doing wrong? Is there a way to force the player to play the tracks in full?
    1) I really want to have a silence of 1 or 2 seconds between songs. Does not matter what I do, the player crossfades the songs… I am using the Xspf Customizer.
    2) My player has more than 300 songs. For each album I created a folder. I wish to put one single picture inside each folder for the player to use it as the album cover. Is it possible? The way it is I need repeat the same picture and rename it for track of the album.


  5. hi. There’s a bug in the “original” skin of Xspf jukebox: the progress bar overlaps with the volume controls and the time display, thus if you try and change the volume the song is fast forwarded, since the same zone is used for changing volume and seeking in the song.
    This is using Flash 9,0,115,0 and Firefox in Ubuntu Linux 7.04.

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