Xspf Bug Fixes

A couple of much needed bug fixes: this update fixes the stop on completion bug, the autoresume works with the pause function correctly now, and the scrolling playlist has been touched up to scroll to the correct place. For those interested in internet radio, the memory leak problem cannot be easily fixed with AS2, the coding used in this player. I am looking into a multi-track workaround which would be crude at best, but would work.
XSPF Jukebox

Xspf Jukebox 5.8

The first Xspf Jukebox update in a couple of months, to celebrate my 17th. This update fixes all of the bugs that have been brought to my attention, as well as adding some new features. Some changes include autoresume carrying the paused state, as well as the shuffled playlist order, through a refresh. Repeating track and playlist problems have been resolved, as well as internet radio issues. New additions include a scrolling playlist to show the current track, a play state display for skins (shows play/pause/stop icon), and a customizable format for track labels using the “format” variable. Just type exactly how you would like each track label to appear, using “-creator”, “-title”, “-location”, and “-annotation” to insert their respective values. For example, “Playing: -title by -creator” could output “Playing: The General by Dispatch”.

XSPF Jukebox

Submit Skins

I am now accepting submissions of your own Jukebox skins to share with others. Zip all skin files and visit lacymorrow.com/projects/jukebox/upload/ Email to submit skins to the site. All skins will be approved by myself before being posted on the site. Also the XSPF Jukebox page now shows the contents of the informational tags in the skin.xml file.

Gallery 2.0

This is the second edition of my dynamic Flash slideshow, Gallery. Not having been updated in a good five months, this version fills in the gaping holes in code missing from the last version. Many things have been tweaked and updated, the visuals and animations included. There are a couple off new transitions, and additions of easing tweens for 14 total transitions with subsets to give up to 101 possible effects. The control box is now working perfectly, along with keyboard control. Use the arrow keys and the spacebar to cycle through images, pause, and play. Add music, a watermark, and as many images as possible through an easily customizable XML interface. (the flash movie needs focus to enable keyboard control, this can be done through external scripts, or by the user clicking on the movie). Flickr support has now been added as well, fully customizable as to what pictures are shown, yet simple to implement. The documentation will be updated shortly.


Xspf Jukebox 5.6

A small Jukebox update to accompany my move to a new server, with a couple of bug fixes, and a couple of new features as well. The shuffle function now uses a randomized array, instead of a totally random number, which means that, while your music will come randomly, the order stays the same as you scroll through, much like in iTunes.

The fancier part of the update is the inclusion of almost full keyboard control over the player. The Left and Right arrow keys change tracks forward and backward, and when used in combination with the Shift key seeks through a track. The Up and Down arrow keys control the volume, the Spacebar Plays/Pauses, and the Control key (Command on a Mac) switches through combinations of Repeat and Shuffle. (the flash movie needs focus to enable keyboard control, this can be done through external scripts, or by the user clicking on the movie).

XSPF Jukebox

Xspf Jukebox Playlist Creator (Windows)

This post marks my first useful program for the Windows platform (besides Blackjack of course). The Xspf Jukebox Playlist Creator, as the name states, is  used to create and edit Xspf and Xml playlist files for use with the Xspf Jukebox. Files are automatically parsed and labeled using their id3 tag info, both version 1 and 2 are supported. Images are also added automatically to the best fitting song, if the image name matches a songs Creator, Title, or Filename. The Creator supports both importing and exporting of playlist files. Feel free to leave any comments, suggestions, or criticisms. In the works is a Cocoa version for Mac OSX, and a Skin Creator to allow anyone to create visually appealing skins for the player.Updates for both the Xspf Jukebox and Gallery are coming soon.This project is no longer supported. 

Xspf Jukebox 5.5 : Crossfade

New updates for the Xspf Jukebox. I have fixed some minor bugs with skin processing, as well as adding a new option for aligning the track display text using the tag “align” inside the skin.xml file (options, of course, are “left”, “right”, and default is “center”).
Two new variables, one more exciting than the other. The first is the “midChar” variable, which gives you the option to change the character separating creator and title in the track label. The second controls the new Crossfade function, much like iTunes. Use the variable “crossFade”, set to either a boolean value (true or false), which will default to six seconds, or fill in a number (in seconds) 1 through 12.

XSPF Jukebox

Xspf Jukebox Documentation

Finally, a full writeup on using the Xspf Jukebox has been completed, and should help solve many problems that people have been having. Next to come is a “skin.xml” writeup, on how to create skins, and applications to automate embedding. On another note, a new version of the Jukebox has been released, with minor bug fixes and a couple of changes: the player will no longer connect to Amazon to retrieve images unless the “findImage” variable is set to true. Id3 tags will be used if no creator, title, or annotation is present. The “skin_url” is no longer the xml file, but the folder containing your skin. Single tracks now use the two parameters “track_url” and “track_title” in the place of “song_url” and “song_title”. The download should be available in the next few days with the skins, or if you can’t wait, it is already in the source download. 

XSPF Jukebox

Xspf Jukebox 5.3

The Xspf Jukebox has been updated with a few new functions, including an autoresume feature based on Thomas Boutell‘s additions on my old player. The function works worse than would be appreciated, but works nonetheless. You can activate it by using the variable ‘autoresume’. A second addition is the ability to choose a highlight color for the currently playing song. Use the tag ‘selectedColor’ inside the skin.
XSPF Jukebox