Adobe Flex 2.0 Beta 2 Release

Adobe, since acquiring Macromedia (makers of flash), has been sitting idly, keeping to themselves for a good bit of time. Now they have released Flex 2 beta 2. Flex is a language that is written in MXML, but compiled into SWF files. It is used to build quick, easy, and rich interfaces. It’s script library is enormous, containing the new Actionscript 3 Library and includes API processors for many frequently used web searches. To a flash programmer, Flex is almost cheating, it’s ease of using scripts is astounding. If you have knowledge or interest, you can download Flex here. I have yet to create my first program.
Update: Began messing around with Flex, and it is astonishingly easy to build all kinds of beautiful programs and displays. The big difference in Flash and Flex is the way these things are accomplished and how they are used. To show an XML spreadsheet in Flash, you must create a function to process the data, store everything to variables and then to arrays, then use a component or premade viewer to show your data, let alone letting you search, edit, sort, and organize any of it. Flex accomplishes this beautifully with a few lines of xml code.

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